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What We Are Eating Today: Zgni Eats

Fri, 2021-04-02 05:05

Jeddah city’s diverse cultures are reflected in its array of local and international restaurants, one of which is Zgni Eats, a new option that offers Eritrean cuisine with a modern twist.

If there was one dish to embody the restaurant, it would be “zigni,” a typical traditional dish consisting of either beef or chicken, vegetables, and a special hot spice called “berbere,” simmered for a long time to develop a deep flavor.

Eritrean food is well known for its giant, pancake-like flatbreads called “injera,” made of gluten-free sorghum flour, and used as an edible plate. 

“Sheero” is another authentic dish, a vegetarian option made of a thick chickpea stew, that can be spread on injera, while rich curries with boiled eggs and green salads also play a central role in the restaurant’s menu. For dessert, its delicious caramel pudding is particularly good. 

You can find more information via Zgni Eats’ Instagram account, @zgni_eats.

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