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‘The Last Color’ to release in India on December 11

New Delhi: Michelin Star Chef Vikas Khanna’s directorial debut “The Last Color”, starring Neena Gupta, is all set to release in Indian theatres on December 11 at PVR Cinemas.

Khanna said he is happy to bring it to Indian theatres after screening it at different international film festivals. ‘The journey of The Last Color has indeed been a long and eventful one. The love and appreciation and acclaim showered onto us over the past one year is extremely humbling.

“Having travelled the whole world and taken the film onto the global stage, it indeed feels overwhelming to bring the film to its roots — India — and have a theatrical release for audiences back home. This cinematic narrative is very close to my heart and after years of passionate effort and perseverance, I am humbled to share it with you,” Khanna said in a statement.

Set in Benaras, the film traces the bond between a nine-year-old flower seller Chhoti, played by Aqsa Siddique and Gupta’s Noor, a 70-year-old widow living colorless life of abstinence.

Gupta said the film is about light and hope. “The film has truly left an indelible mark on me and it feels wonderful to have the film finally releasing in India. While it has been humbling to witness the love and appreciation from our international audience, we hope to receive the same appreciation from our Indian viewers too.”

The film’s world premiere was at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. The movie has also travelled to Dallas International Film Festival, Woodstock International Film Festival, New York India International Film Festival, River To River Festival, Florence and MAMI Mumbai International Film Festival last year.

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