Ramadan recipes: A pistachio mafroukeh recipe to satisfy your sweet cravings


DUBAI: Jordanian TV chef Daad Aboujaber is known for her passionate cooking — here, she shares her recipe for delicious pistachio mafroukeh with Arab News so you can end Ramadan on a sweet note.

Aboujaber previously hosted “Teslam El-Ayadi,” “Ahla Jamaa” and “Sweet Memories” on Fatafeat. (Supplied)

The chef was part of 18 regional chefs to take part in TV channel Fatafeat’s cooking show “Khaymat Ramadan.”

She previously hosted “Teslam El-Ayadi,” “Ahla Jamaa” and “Sweet Memories” on Fatafeat.


? 1 cup course semolina

? 1/2 cup butter

? 1 cup sugar

? 2 1/3 cups milk

? 3 cups ground pistachio

? 2 tbsp orange blossom water

Homemade Ashta: (could be replaced with fresh Ashta baladi)

? 1 cup milk

? 1cup whipping cream

? 1 cup toast bread slices cut into pieces

? 1 tbsp corn flour

To serve:

? Simple syrup

To garnish:

? Red lemon blossom


1. Melt butter, add semolina and toast on medium heat until light golden

2. Add milk and sugar, stir until absorbed, take off the heat and add rose and orange blossom waters, stir well, cover and leave to cook then refrigerate

3. To make the homemade ashta, mix corn starch with the milk then add remaining ingredients, cook on low heat until set, transfer to a plate, cover with plastic wrap, cook then refrigerate

4. To assemble, spread the pistachio , spread the ashta, sprinkle with extra pistachio and garnish with the red lemon blossom, serve with sugar syrup