Palestinian Chilean singer Elyanna spotlights Arab designer on Coachella stage


DUBAI: Palestinian Chilean singer Elyanna, who is the first artist to perform a full set in Arabic at California’s Coachella festival, performed her second set at the two-weekend festival in an ensemble by Egyptian designer Rafik Zaki.

Coachella is a popular music festival that is held annually in Indio, California. Elyanna, who is famous for her songs “Ghareeb Alay,” “Ala Bali” and “Ana Lahale” with Canadian Lebanese singer Massari, also set a precedent as the first Palestinian artist to perform at the event.

“Coachella is the biggest festival in the world and… there’s going to be Arabic singing and Arabic language there and tabla and all the fun stuff our culture has…” the Los Angeles-based singer previously told Arab News.

The singer is aiming high and has been working on recording new music for her fans.

“Right now, I’m working on an album that I’m very excited about. It’s very different. I feel like it’s like the real Elyanna. So, I’m very excited,” she told Arab News.

Elyanna’s music is a mix of Arabic and Western beats, something that the singer ascribes to her multinational upbringing.

She began singing at a young age, and, after moving from Nazareth to the United States at 15. She was discovered by fellow Palestinian musician and producer Nasri Atweh, marking the start of her career.

“He introduced me to Sal (Lebanese Canadian entrepreneur Wassim Slaiby, who is the CEO of record label XO and the manager of Canadian superstar The Weeknd). I remember I sang “At Last” to Sal. He was very impressed. I was very nervous, too. And then I met Massari, and we made ‘Ana Lahale,’ which is such a crazy thing,” she recalled.

“The hardest thing in my career, which also happens to be the most enjoyable, is being myself,” she added. “There are no rules when it comes to that. I am always revealing my truest self through my music.”