Thursday, September 16, 2021
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One in four Britons don’t shower every day. And the rest aren’t doing it right

Do you know the difference between a shower with a small S, a Shower with a capital S, a Sur-er and a man shower? Let me share my decades of accumulated wisdom

I am fed up with pretending we are all equally novices in the face of this novel virus, all just feeling our way through it. Particularly on the matter of working from home, I have been at this 20 years and am much better at it than you. I knew that already and had it confirmed the other morning when Mr Z read in the Daily Mail that 25% of people have stopped having a shower every day, and 14% have stopped using deodorant. Guys, you have to have a shower. You just don’t have to have a Shower with a capital S.

Like taking your shoes off when you enter a home, daily washing is an imported habit. When I was a kid, we had a bath once a week, and when I was at university, I lived a whole year in a building and never found out where the bath was. Perhaps that was extreme, but washing every day was considered much more so: I always thought it conveyed some minor but problematic self-hatred, and felt quite sympathetic to people who always smelled so good, though, truthfully, there weren’t that many of them.

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