Melbourne Fashion Festival apologizes for promoting brand using Islamic text on garments


DUBAI: Melbourne Fashion Festival (MFF) on Sunday apologized in statement for promoting Australian brand NOT A MAN’S DREAM that used Islamic text on two of its garments showcased during a show.

“We understand certain pieces shown as part of last night’s closing runway have caused offense to some members of put community,” the statement, shared on the festival’s Instagram account on Sunday, read. “The festival did not intend to disrespect anyone and we apologize for any offense caused.”


MFF said the team got in touch with the designer behind the label and have removed images and social media posts of the two dresses.

The designer, Samantha Saint James, also issued a statement saying: “I apologize for any offense or disrespect caused by certain pieces I showed in Saturday evening’s MFF runway. I have come to understand how some garments have caused offense. It was the opposite of my intentions and for that, I’m truly sorry.”

The label has deactivated its Instagram account following uproar online.

Social media users took to TikTok to express their frustration, including Australian Muslim model Mona Khalifa.

“There is a fine line between art and disrespect and this falls way, way over disrespect,” Khalifa said in a video. “There is no reason for someone to put the word Allah or anything Islamic on something like this… It is transparent fabric.”